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Lucie Loudová


Lucka motivates and leads the team to ensure the work is done at the highest quality, within the agreed time and in accordance with the approved project budgets. Her personal commitment, ability to engage in constructive dialogue and negotiation skills are a great driver for our team. Experienced in the parameters of crisis management, she can respond substantively and effectively.

Jakub Cizek

Design Leader

Kuba manages our team of architects and ensures the highest quality of architectural designs - from concept, through the preparation of schematic sketches to the final design proposal. He is able to listen to clients and then discuss project concepts with them. He communicates effectively with engineers and construction teams.

Winner of the Office of the Year competition 2022 Heureka!group



Scott & Weber





Jiří Jerman

Head of PM & CM

Jirka is a construction and project manager who can prioritize well and work under pressure. Even so, he manages to remain optimistic and calm. He has very good communication skills and is a team player. He enjoys finding new alternative solutions together with our existing and new contractors.

Winner of the Office of the Year competition 2022 Heureka!group



Solitaire - Generali real estate

Altman group


Vit Ondruch


Vítek manages and monitors financial and control systems. He extensive experience with all sorts of financial matters in different projects. He is the right-hand man of the CEO Lucka and is responsible for reporting and financial processes of our entire company. 

Dragutin Stankovic


Dragutin is an architect who likes to focus not only on aesthetics, but is also interested in the tehcnical aspects. He emphasizes the functionality of individual spaces and their practical use. Having worked as an architect/BIM engineer for the last five years has given him a lot of experience in both designing and modelling, coordinating different professions.


Altman group


Caroline Dew

Architect & Sustainability

Caroline brings to the team 5 years of experience from London where she worked on projects for international clients. Her love of nature and our planet motivates her interest in sustainable and inclusive design. She always focuses on carefully understanding each client's needs when designing, while implementing knowledge of wellbeing and sustainability into the process.

Zuzana Hájek Holá

Senior Architect

Zuzka specializes in test-fitting and space planning. When designing a space, she focuses on practicality and, most importantly, achieveing comfort and happiness for its users. She is very empathetic and is very good at listening to clients to understand their requirements. She can also work with the psychology of colours and their influence in interior design.



Ivana Ludvíková

Senior Architect

Jan Bruha_edited.jpg

Jan Brůha

Architect & Project Manager

Honza has an open and adventurous nature, his main focus is the planning, development and implementation of architectural designs. His ability to deliver creative solutions backed by technical detail contributes to the uniqueness of our team.
Ivana Kohoutova_edited.jpg

Ivana Kohoutová

Senior Project Manager

During her career, Ivana has focused primarily on setting up the standardization of processes in project management, especially in the area of preparatory and implementation phases of construction projects, and in negotiations with suppliers. For her, it's not just a job, but also an opportunity to find joy and fulfillment in everyday challenges.
Cesar Castillo_edited.jpg

Cesar Ruiz Castillo

Project Manager

Cesar has a global outlook and extensive experience from abroad. He gained most of his work experience during his time at a leading Australian construction company, where he professionally supervised the reconstruction of a hospital complex. Possesses the skills of leading a team and handling various project responsibilities.

Jakub Čupec

Senior Project & Construction Manager

Jakub oversees all parts of the project to ensure that everything is done safely and well. He always makes sure that the deadline, quality and workmanship are met. His extensive experience in interior fit-out work, for example in the hospitality sector, guarantees quality execution of projects.


Act Lab


Josef Raboch

Project Director SPM

Pepa has years of experience in managing large and small boutique development projects, his passion are residential projects. Nothing will distract him and he faces challenges ready to overcome all the obstacles. 

Michal Bocek

Cost Manager

Tomas Konak_edited.jpg

Tomáš Koňak


Tom is a young professional with excellent experience, which he gained immediately after leaving school. It excels in its ability to work with demanding projects and detailed documentation. He applies his knowledge of construction documentation and work skills in Revit with precision and diligence. It successfully manages to perform various tasks in the field of design and project management.

Marián Kolbaský



Veronika Vorlová



Anna Hylská

Finance Manager


Tatiana Strnadlová

Office & Sales Manager

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